How it works:

 1. Our event planning consultant will meet with the organization’s board of directors and/or staff to pin down the critical details, such as type of event, event date/time, event vision, target fundraising goal, budget, availability of volunteers, etc.

2. Our event planner will contact various vendors and supply a minimum of three options , with projected budgets for each.  These options will be presented to the board of directors and/or staff 2 to 4 weeks following the initial consult.

3. The board of directors and/or staff will make a decision based on these options, and the event planner will follow through with setting up vendor contracts for all the services required.  Please note that any costs that incur as a result of these vendor contracts are the responsibility of the    organization.

4. The event planner will plan and execute the event, only seeking guidance as needed from the board of directors and/or staff.  Periodic update meetings can be arranged upon request.


Important: The Organization hiring our services will be responsible for obtaining any sponsorships they desire to help offset some of the costs         associated with producing a high-quality event.



The Board of Directors and/or staff have two options for compensating Southern Event Solutions.  The organization can either choose to pay a flat rate fee (which will be discussed during the presentation of options), or the organization can choose to pay a percentage of the net funds raised to ensure accountability and event success. 

 The schedule for commission is listed below:

Level 1 - Less than $5,000 net: 10%

Level 2 -  $5,100 to $10,000 net: 15%

Level 3 - $10,100 to $25,000 net: 18%

Level 4 - Greater than $25,100 net: 20%


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