Why should I hire a wedding planner?

1. Less stress - A wedding planner relieves the stress of planning a wedding.  From the great "Vendor Hunt" to taking on your worry of a perfect day.

2. Vendor discounts - If you have a good, well-connected wedding planner, she should have an established relationship with many local vendors to negotiate lower pices for all the services you will need.

3. Perfection - A wedding planner has done this before, and knows how to execute a perfect wedding.  If you want peace of mind that your wedding will be perfect, put it in the hands of the professionals.


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At Southern Event Solutions, we realize that every wedding is unique. We prefer to meet with you for a free 1-hour consult before generating a quote.  All of our packages are customizable, and we are happy to work through any stage of the wedding planning process with you.   Please contact  us at planner@southerneventsolutions.com or 434.334.8324 to schedule your complimentary 1-hour consult.

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